Group Policies & Procedures

Field Trip Policies

  • Absolutely NO FOOD, DRINKS, or GUM are allowed on Museum Gallery Exhibit Floor.
  • Lunch may be eaten outside at the beautiful Dean Porter Park (no reservations needed).
  • There are absolutely NO REFUNDS on payments made over the original invoiced amount approved by host teacher prior to field trip.
  • NO CREDIT is provided for Students/Teachers/Para-professionals who were unable to attend the field trip and were originally invoiced.
  • NO CREDIT is provided for any guests included in field trip who do not participate in the arts/craft session or Stuffee health presentation as scheduled.
  • Year Passes holders and/or Lucky Passes are not allowed to be used toward payment of a field trip.
  • Cancellation or rescheduling of a field trip must be done 15 days prior to scheduled visit or party will be responsible for cost incurred.  A 50% deposit or a district Purchase Order is required 30 days prior to reserve a date for any field trip.

Field Trip Payment Policy

School Check or Cash Payments

If you are paying with a school check or in cash, ½ of the invoice total amount must be paid at least 30 days prior to the visit. The remaining balance must be paid in full the day of the visit. Adjustments to the final count of students may be made the day of the fieldtrip (+/- attendees).

Purchase Order Payment

A purchase order form must be presented to the museum office manager at least 30 days prior to your visit. Adjustment to the final count of students WILL NOT be made to the field trip payment amount upon arrival. The total billed amount submitted on the initial PO must stand. Additional students can be paid for the day of the field trip or, if necessary, a secondary invoice can be sent out to cover additional students. Subject to approval by the manager on duty: Teachers and/or Parents can account for any missing students from the counts on the purchase order.

IMPORTANT: All field trips must be paid in full the day of the visit.

Field Trip Cancelation Policy

Cancellations are accepted 15 working business days (M-F) prior to your scheduled visit. The notice of cancellation must be made in writing either by postal mail or via email. Once the cancellation is acknowledged, an e-mail confirmation will be sent back to the person making the reservation to confirm your cancellation. If no cancelation is received and acknowledged, the school will be responsible for full amount invoiced.