About the Children’s Museum Of Brownsville

Our Mission

To introduce children to the World of Learning through hands-on creative and interactive exhibits, workshops, and special events in a safe, welcoming, and interactive environment.

Our Vision

  • That Children of diverse ages and backgrounds will learn through fun
  • That the Children’s Museum of Brownsville will complement the education system
  • That a child’s self-worth will be enhanced through discovery and participation
  • That respect for others will be strengthened through interactive, cooperative play

Our Goals

  • Ensure that our practices and policies keep our annual 60,000 patrons that enjoy the Children’s Museum of Brownsville as safe as possible.
  • To provide great customer care by demonstrating knowledge of services, respect, promptness, and reliability within and outward of the museum
  • To actively foster parental involvement in their children’s learning development
  • To cultivate children’s cultural curiosity, strengthen their imagination, and nurture creativity
  • To challenge and motivate children to discover new ways of learning by appealing to their sense of adventure and play through our exhibits, workshops, and special events
  • To provide a positive atmosphere as well as a safe and clean environment for children and families to grow and learn
  • To encourage partnerships with complementary organizations to enhance the opportunity for learning and effect positive changes in children’s lives
  • To focus on children (ages birth to 8 years) and their learning activities, as well as creating the opportunity for older children to be a part of the total learning process