The CMB Mini Maker’s Studio is a program developed by the Children’s Museum of Brownsville. The purpose of this program is to spark an interest in Science and Engineering with a fun, hands-on, fully participatory in-school field trip.

The Children’s Museum travels to school and present students with Legos, ramps, data sheets, and a challenge.  The students are asked to create a car with their Legos and then they test their cars on the ramps and measure how far the car travels.  The CMB facilitators then use guiding questions to help the students through the Engineering Design Process and the students return to their tables to redesign their cars in order to make them travel farther. The program is TEKS aligned and requires students to use their imagination to create a design, record their data, and use critical thinking skills in order to redesign their cars.

Maker’s Studios have become an established worldwide movement in education that focuses on hands-on experiences, learning from failures and time to explore and invent.

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