Book a Field Trip

There must be a student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1 for your field trip. If your field trip is smaller than 60 students, please either fax us your field trip form or contact us at 956-548-9300 to book your field trip.

In order to reserve a date, all requests must be emailed to

Download the request form, fill out and submit via email or fax. Once we receive the form, we can check the availability of dates. If the date is available, the reservation will be made and we will send you a confirmation. If the date isn't available, we will email you requesting an alternate date.

Please note: We have changed the online feature and our staff will be doing the reservations for you. All dates on pages will say nothing available, so please call (956) 548-9300 or email to see if the date is available.

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