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New Exhibit Opens October 20th

Ready, Set, Go! A Science and Engineering Adventure for Kids

Discover “Ready, Set, Go!” at the Children’s Museum of Brownsville, a thrilling exhibit where science and engineering meet fun. Opening on October 20th at 501 E Ringgold Street, Brownsville, this interactive adventure is tailored for kids aged 4-10.

Hands-On Fun: Kids watch balls zip down physics ramps, learning about velocity and direction. They become engineers at the Race Car Design Table, crafting their race cars and mastering the physics behind them. “Ready, Set, Go!” suits a wide age range. It offers age-appropriate activities, engaging 4-year-olds with curiosity and 10-year-olds with complex concepts. Parents are encouraged to join their children, making this a fantastic opportunity for family bonding and shared learning.

Don’t miss the grand opening on October 20th at noon. It’s an extraordinary experience that fosters a love for science and engineering in young minds. Visit our website for updates and details. See you there!