Join us while we put on a wonderful ongoing show of games and activities.

Enjoy a ghoul dance party in our auditorium. Dr. Bones will host the candy corn relay. Our farmhouse game is witch hat toss.

H-E-B-Buddy is where the funny mummy wraps, make a mummy walk through the brick wall without unwrapping or tearing.

Enjoy the KRGV photo booth to share the memories.

Target Tot Spot – will be the spider path. Monster dice will be another roll the dice and tell you how to dance and act. (ie. the mummy walk, vampire talk, Frankenstein stomp).

Construction Zone will have the Queen Spider maze go through the entire maze without touching the spiders and the celebration room the guessing game. What could it be brains, eyeballs or worms?

Those who dress-up will also be able to showcase their outfits during the parade presentation.

We invite the public and the media to join our adventurous Halloween Bash and take part in the wonderful attractions we have to offer at the Children’s Museum. There are no additional costs to guests; everything is included with the regular admission.